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Jan 18, 2024, 06:28AM

That Was So Unexpected

A 2018 Slate interview with critic Wesley Morris vs. a 2022 Slant interview with actress Hong Chau.

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Wesley Morris: You have brought this conversation to a close.

Hong Chau: Well, I planned it all perfectly. It worked out.

Morris: [Laughs] What was the context for that?

Chau: I mean, it’s wall-to-wall monologues and big, big scenes.

Morris: Oh, sure. Probably when my parents got divorced and my father got cable.


Chau: Thank you! Honestly, they’re all so different.

Morris: It’s all merged. I mean, not maybe hours, but—

Chau: That was just a really wild year. That was so unexpected.

Morris: I’ve never done any of this, by the way.

Chau: Of course.


Morris: There is an art to speaking that language, though. But has he been to Missouri?

Chau: He just has a good energy. We don’t even need to talk.

Morris: Right. Do you have to?

Chau: Yeah! It feels very human to take what you want out of it or take what you want at that particular moment in your life.

Morris: That’s exactly the right way to think about it.


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