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Jan 23, 2024, 06:28AM

Here in America, We’re Still Flashy and Blunt

A 1985 Elisa Leonelli interview with author Charles Bukowski vs. a 2022 Ross Simonini interview with musician Chan Marshall.

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Chan Marshall: What if the sound guy turns the vocals so loud it hurts your ears to whisper?

Charles Bukowski: Well, it’s a quiet place, and nobody bothers you.

Marshall: You’ve lost all these brain cells and muscle memory.

Bukowski: But I’ll get out of it because I’ll kick off and I will be out.

Marshall: It’s such a mind-fuck.


Bukowski: I have faith in Ferreri because he is a totally human person, he is warm.

Marshall: I live near the Everglades and he caught a gecko five days ago, and we put little holes in Saran Wrap and wrapped it with a rubber band around a glass.

Bukowski: One thing led to another.

Marshall: Yeah. It just disintegrates.

Bukowski: When I went back to Europe I felt it, maybe it was only my imagination.


Marshall: That’s what happens—your subconscious basically takes over—just like dreaming.

Bukowski: We don’t even know why we are doing it, if we did we couldn’t do it.

Marshall: Totally narrative, like a tribal, apocalyptic kind of thing.

Bukowski: Here in America, we are still flashy, we are blunt, we don’t quite know where the hell we are.

Marshall: Because of analysis and Freud and Jung, and the psychiatric society they created as the identity of psychiatry.


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