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Oct 20, 2023, 06:28AM

That’s Just Not Enough

A 1999 Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine interview with novelist Guy Gavriel Kay vs. a 2005 Index Magazine interview with politician Letitia James.

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Guy Gavriel Kay: I don’t have a global theory—different people are motivated by different things.

Letitia James: Politics is the art of negotiation. It’s complicated.

Kay: Too easy and glib, most of the time.

James: A job is a job is a job. It is.

Kay: [laughs] Yes, it was.


James: I loved the courtroom. It’s a magnificent area.

Kay: One was to evoke the technique of mosaic in prose.


James: Will there be housing if the economy goes bust?

Kay: Not especially. I’m aware of what a gift that is. Good question.

James: And people are going for it. Those people are my base.

Kay: The discovery process en route gives both anxiety and adrenaline.

James: Yes. We have to do a balancing act—the concerns of the artists, the residents in the area, and the industrial workers have to be addressed in cooperation with one another.


Kay: I treat magic as a possible element, a tool, something available — and whether I use it will always be decided by the needs of the given story.

James: I go home most nights at ten or eleven o'clock. That’s just not enough.

Kay: Again, no simple answer.


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