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Oct 25, 2023, 06:28AM

That’s a Legal Thing

A 1998 Jack Kirby Collector interview with comic book writer Roy Thomas vs. a 2022 The Gutter Review interview with comic book artist Simon Bisley.

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Roy Thomas: Some of the problems were about what should be done, or shouldn't be done, which is a matter of opinion.

Simon Bisley: Isn’t it great? There’s so much to talk about, isn’t there?

Thomas: I think we agreed to disagree in a friendly way.

Bisley: I dunno. There’s a responsibility to a degree.

Thomas: That’s a legal thing.


Bisley: I think what you may find is there’s going to be some lawyer or something that is going to get people collectively together and work on their behalf.

Thomas: You can see where almost anybody would be upset in that kind of circumstance.

Bisley: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Fucking hell!

Thomas: I won’t swear to it.

Bisley: I did try.


Thomas: What you really want is for the jockey and the horse to become a centaur, but the centaur is a very unstable life form, (laughter) who'll slip back into being a jockey and a horse.

Bisley: They used to bring beers and just put it on the table, and have a drink while I was drawing or painting.

Thomas: I saw that, y'know? I was delighted; I thought it was a great thing to have happen.

Bisley: A lot of people didn’t know I was going to be here.

Thomas: How much more can you expect from anybody?


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