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May 21, 2014, 10:05AM

She’s Not, Like, Half-Fairy

A 2012 Grantland interview with former Pavement drummer Bob Nastanovich vs. a 2014 Interview magazine interview with actress Elle Fanning.

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Bob Nastanovich: I remember the first time the 7-inch went on sale at Pier Platters, and there was a little bit of a buzz about it, and hipsters were buying it.

Elle Fanning: You can only order it in the Barbie catalogue.

Nastanovich: Oh, she’s cool. She’s really famous.

Fanning: She's not, like, half-fairy. She's just a person.

Nastanovich: Is that her?

Fanning: Sometimes.


Nastanovich: I was insane.

Fanning: I’m at home in L.A. I guess it's illegal but—

Nastanovich: Oh, yeah. You throw so much into it.

Fanning: But I don’t really care.


Nastanovich: There was a lot of tension.

Fanning: There are all the layers behind it.

Nastanovich: You’d get sneered at a lot.

Fanning: It makes you aware of your body. You feel like someone else had experiences in it.

Nastanovich: And we would do it all the time — like, five nights a week. There were no rules.

Fanning: But then I didn't really have any friends, none my own age.

Nastanovich: People that own their own and train them, they can probably do it cheaper.

Fanning: In one scene I got to eat grilled cheese and I was so excited. [laughs]

Nastanovich: Oh, man. I’m actually allergic to them.

Fanning: We’re going to Carmel in the morning.

Nastanovich: Why don’t you jam with us?

—Raymond Cummings is the author of several books of poetry, including Crucial Sprawl, Seven New Poems, and Assembling the Lord. He blogs infrequently at Voguing to Danzig.


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