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Oct 13, 2022, 06:28AM


A 1989 BOMB Magazine interview with sculptor Roni Horn vs. a 2018 Poetry Magazine interview with poet Craig Morgan Teicher.

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Roni Horn: It’s a question that I’m always asked and I don’t have a real answer for it.

Craig Morgan Teicher: That’s a great question. But that’s not what you asked. 

Horn: No. I never had the experience of gold.

Teicher: Nor should one want to. One could do worse.

Horn: Salman Rushdie is affecting the price of plastics today. 


Teicher: Along with those circumstances comes a certain amount of unhappiness or frustration, the longing to say something one can’t, to live in a world where one can.

Horn: It’s like a labyrinth in the definitive sense. It’s big enough to get lost in, but small enough to find yourself.

Teicher: Maybe in doing that, we get further from the original poem, but we are creating all this interaction around it, which is what every poem is designed for.

Horn: These objects exist in very literal relationship to human presence, not without human presence; not in the making and not in the viewing.

Teicher: My favorite metaphor is a Richard Serra sculpture, one of those huge ones that take up a vast room.


Horn: This is not something worth entertaining.

Teicher: Alas, I say. 


Horn: It centers and it is the center, simultaneously. It has no material reality.

Teicher: But insight in itself doesn’t help. One imitates the sentences one is attracted to.

Horn: Back to the landscape—mall architecture is vernacular; mall as a landscape.


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