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May 18, 2009, 05:37AM

Oh, it's so ironic

I was just defending Paul Reubens last night...

Paul Reubens:

Why it's hipster approved: Listening to hipsters defend Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman) is about as intriguing as wondering why bikers wear leather chaps to protect their legs but no helmet. Kind of interesting for the reason that it isn't. I'm not sure why hipsters appointed themselves the keeper of Paul Reubens purity, but they did. Here's the deal, years ago our beloved Pee-wee was busted for indecent exposure in an adult theater....and? Do they arrest Trekkies for speaking Vulcan at a Star Trek convention? Anyway, middle America cursed his soul and thus his career was pretty much over. From that point on hipsters associated the unfair and over-the-top media frenzy around Reubens as a shining example of all things bad in America. Well, anyway, we all know how much hipsters love to fight battles that are of no real importance in the world. They had to repeat their defense a few years later when he was busted for what was suspected to be child porn... it wasn't just for the record.

What hipsters won't admit: Those of us that like Paul Reubens were thrilled to see him appear after everything settled down. His roles in movies like Mystery Men and Blow were great but all his various tv appearances over the years have seemed more like a pity cast rather than a legitimate role. No matter, even if he only gets 10 minutes of screen time he manages to steal the show (30 Rock, Pushing Daisies).

How to impress a hipster: Word is that a Pee-wee biopic might be made and guess who Paul Reubens has been discussing the role of Pee-wee with...Johnny Depp! Well, there you go. For once I'd like to see Depp not portray a weird character. How about casting him as Hugh Grant or Leonardo DiCaprio.


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