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Sep 19, 2011, 06:37AM


A 2009 tinymixtapes.com interview with Raekwon vs. a 2011 Rolling Stone interview with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.

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Franco Brambilla

Wayne Coyne: You know, we do Christmas, we do Halloween.

Raekwon: We vibe off the same energy. Everyone’s checking for you.

Coyne: And you can play with it for hours.

Raekwon: Come on, I could be anywhere in the world and let's just say I lose my fucking wallet or something, I could get on that and I know somebody will come through and be like, “Yo, I heard you was over there. What you need? Are you good?”

Coyne: And I said, “Fuck, I don’t know.”

Raekwon: And don’t get me wrong, I respect that. I wasn't coming like I got a bag of crack in my bag. Sometimes you gotta be careful about that.

Coyne: You know, that’s kind of our intention, so that people buy it at like a festival, and then go back to their parents' and take some acid and play with it all night.

Raekwon: It's like watching videotapes of the nigga that's nice.

Coyne: It’s not intended for intense listening.

Raekwon: Brazil or something.

Coyne: I can’t speak to that just yet, but that will be completely tied together, this idea of death and I’m singing as if I’m already dead.

Raekwon: It’s a great mechanism. We have to get involved with that stuff. That’s all I want to do.

Coyne: We kind of look at the list as like, there’s like a couple of movies out there where they read the list of all the people who have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle.

Raekwon: Yeah, definitely. It’s cool, it’s cool.

Coyne: I think we are, in a sense.


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