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Nov 17, 2008, 10:36AM

Jimmy Fallon to have his own show. It's all over, folks. Grab your soup cans and head for the hills. We're done for.

Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Conan O'Brien next year. And The Roots will be his house band.

Gawker seems overly focused on The Roots angle of this, but they do call Jimmy Fallon for what he is:

I've never had a group that I actually like go the late night house band route. Springsteen fans saw Max Weinberg take his act to Conan's show; and I'm sure there were some jazz heads who were flabbergasted to see their main man Kevin Eubanks signing up with Jay Leno. But The Roots? The Illadelph generals opening up for that stuttering mop-headed ball of suck, Jimmy Fallon?

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  • I really doubt this is true, although it is sad that Jimmy Fallon will be the host of the show. It's going to be the Chevy Chase show all over. I give him two months or less and he'll be tossed like a salad.

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