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Jan 20, 2015, 10:05AM

It's Going to Get Boring

A 2014 Time interview with singer/songwriter Taylor Swift vs a 1969 Rolling Stone interview with producer Phil Spector.

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Taylor Swift: Nothing you do is going to make the pain stop.

Phil Spector: You have to know what you can't do much more than what you can do, because it's obvious that you know what you can do by doing it.

Swift: Yeah, totally. Weird, right?

Spector: I don’t know yet.


Spector: I don't remember where we were. You asked me something.

Swift: Are you sure? Are you positive?

Spector: I’m willing to bet on it.


Swift: And I know exactly what they’re talking about, because we have these moments and these memories that bond us, like the time I looked out there and saw everyone dancing, when it was the complete opposite of what I thought they were going to do, and it’s those moments of human interaction that happen on tour that you can’t get just watching a song climb the charts, sitting in your house.

Spector: The underground sort of does the same thing. Can you imagine that?


Swift: I’m always up for trying something.

Spector: It’s going to get boring.

Swift: Why does that matter?

Spector: It’s just a matter of taste.

Swift: Yeah. I think there’s a way to artfully do it.

Swift: I’m going to be playing to no one.

Spector: It’s almost like being psychotic.

Swift: I just keep writing songs.

Spector: That bothers me a little bit.


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