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May 29, 2014, 09:37AM

It's an American Girl's Dream

A 1973 Interview magazine interview with trans-gender actress Candy Darling vs. a 1992 Goldmine magazine interview with Beach Boy Mike Love.

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Mike Love: There's a distinctively different level of consciousness that is waking, dreaming, and sleeping.
Candy Darling: Exactly. But no one would know in the dark with stockings and shoes on.
Love: Fuck no. I'd rather be outdoors, reading a good book, going to a movie.
Darling: It’s a sultry summer afternoon.

Love: That was simply us going on location to shoot the cover. It cost us an arm and a leg.
Darling: That’s what they all say.
Love: I find it hard to believe, too.
Darling: There's a warmth in your face and a goodness and a sincerity and that's what they must respond to. Because anyone can be made up to look glamorous. Every time I pick up something you're there.
Love: Why is that?
Darling: You're in this book I have, Eileen Ford's Book of Model Beauty.
Love: Very abusive and gruff and terrifying and intimidating and negative.
Darling: He could be an actor himself. He's very handsome.
Love: He’s paranoid. Too much acid.
Darling: I just thought I would ask.
Love: I mean, who wouldn't feel sorry for a guy who is very gifted and destroyed his life?
Darling: It’s an American girl’s dream. I mean, I could carve my initials in her face, and maybe I will.
Love: And that was the premise of the song.


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