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Apr 26, 2023, 06:28AM

It Comes From Within You

A 2015 Huffington Post interview with author Ajamu Kojo vs. a 2004 Stuart Nicholson interview with musician Alice Coltrane.

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Ajamu Kojo: I love looking at people.

Alice Coltrane: I can respect that.

Kojo: Mm-hmm. (laughs) For now.

Coltrane: It’s the journey of life, isn’t it?

Kojo: Which is basically the mix technique that is egg tempera and oil glazes.


Coltrane: I think it is a basic continuation of where you are in your own life and your own evolution, you’re the same person—if you are going forward then you are often sitting higher knowledge and spiritual experience, you wish to reach new vistas of understanding and purpose so ‘Translinear’—is moving in that line, but in a more transcendent way.

Kojo: So you start projecting it and people start noticing it.

Coltrane: Yes. It comes from within you.

Kojo: We’ve spoken about this before.

Coltrane: Definitely so.


Kojo: You know what?

Coltrane: No.

Kojo: I don’t think it ends.

Coltrane: Very interesting.

Kojo: I don't know what else to do though. This is just my personal opinion.


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