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Jun 26, 2009, 10:43AM

It all started with a t-shirt

The Official Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans, 2010 campaign.

"Brad Pitt for Mayor" is printed by hand on a navy blue 100% cotton, sweatshop-free American Apparel t-shirt with white ink. "Brad Pitt for Mayor" is a grassroots effort whose mission is to get Brad Pitt elected Mayor of New Orleans in 2010. The effort is led by Dr. Thomas M. Bayer of Tulane University. The "Brad Pitt for Mayor" logo was created by Elizabeth Harvey of Storyville. This tee shirt is modeled by Meghan Montgomery and Jonathan House.For every "Brad Pitt for Mayor" tee shirt sold, Storyville will donate $2 to Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation**13 Reasons why Brad Pitt should be the next Mayor of New Orleans**by Dr. Thomas BayerNew Orleans will elect a new mayor on April 22, 2010, and the Brad Pitt for Mayor Campaign Steering Committee is asking you to vote for Brad Pitt. After extensive polling, focus group discussions and soul searching, the steering committee, headed by Tulane's Dr. Thomas M. Bayer, decided upon thirteen reasons why the Crescent City would be best served with Brad Pitt as Mayor.Reason #1 - He's QualifiedRather than having to make vague and unpersuasive connections between clearly unrelated qualifications such as, say, franchise executive and governing abilities, the qualifications of our candidate are plainly obvious: as the worldwide audience of Homer’s Troy can attest, Mr. Brad Pitt clearly has the stomach for the job, not to mention the shoulders to carry the burden of governance.Reason #2 - NOLA ♥'s Brad PittBy bestowing the great office of Mayor of our city upon Mr. Pitt, we, the citizens, are afforded the opportunity to say thanks for the many wonderful things this gentleman has already done for us. What better way to show our heart-felt appreciation than to present to him the mayoral office, the patronage trough, the cornucopia of our great city, that which we hold so dear and is ours to bequeath?Reason #3 - LagniappeIf we elect Brad Pitt mayor, Angelina Jolie would be the First Lady of New Orleans.Reason #4 - Technology and GastronomyInstead of technology executives vying for malfunctioning anti-crime camera installation contracts and lap dances, movie moguls from everywhere will lobby the mayor to get a table on Galatoire’s ground floor for the Friday before Mardi Gras all-afternoon lunch.Reason #5 - PublicityPublicity and photo opportunities will chase our Mayor, instead of the Mayor chasing publicity and photo opportunities. Reason #6 - Urban PlanningWe will not have to rename a street to honor his name, as Pitt Street already exists.


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