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Apr 11, 2013, 06:29AM

I Just Got Back From North Korea

A 1997 Perfect Sound Forever interview with author/musician Lydia Lunch vs. a 2010 Larry King Live interview with former president Jimmy Carter.

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Jazzy JSuar

Lydia Lunch: There are hundreds, thousands of people that we don't know about. They get no coverage. They get no press.

Jimmy Carter: There's no-one like that around.

Lunch: Yeah, we were neighbors.

Carter: They claim they are not.

Lunch: Now I'm in Pennsylvania.

Carter: I just got back from North Korea.

Lunch: That's why they cannot embrace me.

Carter: I had a small, hand-held Dictaphone. And so I—when I finished up a tape, I just threw it in the out basket. I  never looked at it again. I put a new tape in.

Lunch: I didn't think it was poetic enough. It was a pigsty.

Carter: That's a case on both sides, as you say.

Lunch: Start somewhere.

Carter: So I think some of it is racist.

Lunch: Absolutely. That is a luxury.

Carter: No kidding. And also it's surrounded by I understand strip joints and commercial establishments and so forth.

Lunch: What can one do?

Carter: Yes, I knew I was going to do it.

Lunch: I had to. There is so much to struggle against.

Carter: My health is good, thank goodness.

Lunch: I think that's a real threat.


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