Pop Culture
Sep 18, 2008, 07:00AM

Goth in Perpetuity

There wasn't a goth contingent to speak of in the DC public school system I stumbled through, but nonetheless I—and I think most people who were 16 at one point in their lives—can relate to the social circumstances that lead young adults to such "extreme" lifestyle choices. The New York Times has published some cultural clunkers of late, but this piece is bona fide.

Goth.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1


The goth subculture, however, for those who live it, is more than the sum of its chicken bones, vampire clichés and existential pants. It remains a visual shortcut through which young persons of a certain damp emotional climate can broadcast to the other members of their tribe who they are. Goth is a look that simultaneously expresses and cures its own sense of alienation.


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