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Jun 11, 2013, 11:06AM

Don't Be Quiet Like the White People Want You To Be

A 2008 Malibu interview with Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis vs. a 2012 Piers Morgan Tonight interview with talk-show personality Phil Donahue.

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Phil Donahue: Because of your show, I came out to my parents.

Anthony Kiedis: That wasn’t really my intention though.

Donahue: Well, we fought and he fell down.

Kiedis: I was riding waves. Inspiration is a weird thing.

Donahue: You are really fascinating.

Kiedis: It's true. I can't complain.

Donahue: It's very, very hard to dissent. People are angry.

Kiedis: They were like medicine to my spiritually deficient existence that stopped working and left me with an even bigger void. So, basically I loved them, but they didn’t love me back.

Donahue: I get it now. I was thinking that it was a nightmare and that I going to wake up and kept pinching myself hoping it wasn't real.

Kiedis: There were a few surprises in store.

Donahue: Yeah. We always wanted them to wonder what was tomorrow.

Kiedis: We give each other the opportunity to learn and change all the time.

Donahue: Be proud and, you know, don't be quiet like the white people want you to be.

Kiedis: Then I got a hold of a Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five cassette tape and I knew that my career path had been paved. I sold my city house about a month after living in Malibu.

Donahue: We have people in cages, with no Habeas, no phone calls, no Red Cross.

Kiedis: Even then I remained more driven to skate, alter my mind, dream about girls and run roughshod with my amigos.

Donahue: I'm not sure. You know, peace is dangerous.

Kiedis: Anyway, let it rain double-edged swords and two-sided coins - it’s all part of the bargain.

Donahue: I don't Tweet. How many bombs are you going to drop?

Kiedis: This amount of self-analysis is already a bit beyond my limit.


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