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Dec 01, 2023, 06:29AM

Dancing and Sneaking Drinks

A 2001 North Arizona University interview with poet Donna Ashworth vs. a 2011 The Believer interview with musician Trey Anastasio.

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Trey Anastasio: How often do I find myself walking around and being aware of my surroundings and not having some fucked-up internal dialogue in my head that never ends?

Donna Ashworth: You don’t see the stroke, the bolt, and (smacks hands together) crack!

Anastasio: It doesn’t just happen.

Ashworth: Yes. I had to make guesses about the strategy.

Anastasio: Now everyone goes around the room in a circle and everyone starts one.


Ashworth: They tear around all over the place in their ATVs or their motorcycles, set fires that we have to put out, and there hasn't been any lightning for a long time.

Anastasio: Yeah, but that can be dangerous. We would lock ourselves in a farmhouse.

Ashworth: The tower stairs badly need painting, or they'll disintegrate. Did you see those?

Anastasio: [Laughs] All this stuff all sounds so silly when you talk about it.

Ashworth: Not that I know of.


Anastasio: People were dancing and sneaking drinks in flasks and going out to the parking lots with their girlfriends.

Ashworth: They handed me my binoculars and my radio and told me how to get there.

Anastasio: There’s a big burly guard by the phone and he’s got his finger on the thing.

Ashworth: I haven't been able to find his tree.

Anastasio: You couldn’t. I love that.


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