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Aug 14, 2015, 09:13AM

Children Do Report What They See

A 2015 Brickmag interview with author/theorist Jane Jacobs vs. a 2015 Interview magazine interview with pop star Justin Bieber.

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Jane Jacobs: The worst danger was that sometimes the gas pipes broke and then people would be asphyxiated, or else there would be an explosion. 

Justin Bieber: Yeah. Oh yeah. We've been doing that since before I was famous. 

Jacobs: To this day, I can’t drink pink lemonade.

Bieber: It was all in good fun.


Jacobs: Who would think that the wheel could still have so many inventions left?

Bieber: Well, I would have. I think I'm going to go to Ibiza. 

Jacobs: I’m often amazed at how peaceful it is. 


Bieber: When he signed me, he called all the radio stations with me and got them to believe in me.

Jacobs: About that time, the money dried up. He inveighed at great length against guidebooks and people who believed the guidebooks instead of what they were seeing. He was also a good listener. 

Bieber: He kind of stalked me, basically. I always looked really young.

Jacobs: You could see that nothing else mattered to him.

Bieber: Oh, of course. He's staying with me for the next week.


Jacobs: I had quite a few misapprehensions of one sort and another, and one misapprehension I had, when I was silent for all this time—which I never was at home—was a fear that I couldn’t talk any more, that I didn’t have a voice any more.

Bieber: Thank you. It’s just very personal. It’s red.

Jacobs: Children do report what they see.


Bieber: Wow, this could actually be my life. It’s crazy.

Jacobs: People know that, but they don’t take it seriously enough.

Bieber: Yeah, because it’s basic.

Jacobs: I’ll tell you a little story.


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