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Nov 04, 2013, 09:37AM

But I Love the Textures

A 2011 KOZM Agency TV interview musician/entrepreneur Towa Tei vs. a 2013 Interview magazine interview with cultural personality RuPaul.

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RuPaul: Imagine if your latest collection exploded in my house.

Towa Tei: I was about to talk about this. I went to New York when I was young; I wore the whole black Comme des Garcons, with a Gold charm.

RuPaul: That was what was happening at the time.

Tei: Yes. They are all now vintage.

RuPaul: Yeah. But I love the textures.

Tei: I think I know why.

RuPaul: It was all of the above. We keep doing what we do.

Tei: I do not do things I am not related to.

RuPaul: I know. That's why clothes are so important.

Tei: We can only dye 100 or 200 pieces at a time. Because of that, I think each of them are cute.

RuPaul: I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I wish that were still the case.

Tei: They are expensive, but I still bought them.

RuPaul: Yeah, literally. But, you know, the show is very exciting because by the time January rolls around, we'll have released 75 girls into the wild.

Tei: A few years later, Ryuichi Sakamoto gave me a modem at home, and taught me how to use it to connect to the Internet.

RuPaul: I knew that my platform would be love and acceptance.

Tei: Wow, I see. When we finish working, we hug people.

RuPaul: (laughs) That's very sweet of you. Who are they?


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