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Dec 21, 2023, 06:27AM

You Can’t Vote for Trump

Colorado’s Supreme Court ruling beggars belief.

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Back in 1959, and running through 1961, there was a good mystery/sci-fi/fantasy anthology series on ABC called One Step Beyond. The plot lines and narratives took the viewer into realms that beggared belief. The Colorado Supreme Court has taken that one step beyond by striking former President Donald Trump from the Rocky Mountain state ballot. This ruling goes beyond a uni-party effort to negate Trump’s candidacy, beyond a Deep State undermining operation, a concerted legacy media assault, and legal warfare aimed at irremediably shackling Trump’s presidential run.

The Colorado action says simply to the electorate: no, you can’t vote for this man even if you want to. It’s at the point where think-pieces about the damage Biden’s diminished capacity and the designs of empowered leftist revolutionaries bent on creative destruction are redundant. We’re past the point where an “establishment” desperation to stop a candidate it believes can’t be defeated at the ballot box is a concept to be grappled with. We’re at the point where only the water-torture drip of developments remain to be chronicled, riveting, but absolutely tragic for the country.

The fight against what’s happening goes on against what often seem like impregnable forces. Every action taken against Trump sounds a clarion call for resolution by the U.S. Supreme Court, while the 2024 clock ticks.

Conservatives, libertarians, Independents and fair-minded Democrats may wonder about anyone who supports what is being done against Trump and his supporters. Is this what you want—Trump’s name stricken from the ballot? The most alarming questions have been: Is this what you want—the incarceration of Trump?  Or: Is this what you want—they’re trying to take his New York properties? Everything aforementioned is still in play. Since most citizens are savvy enough to avoid political discussions unless within an allied camp, the conversation is stillborn, and will become a malignancy as 2024 unfolds. But in the minds of even the most low-information voters there must be an inkling that the election’s in jeopardy.

The Deep State. The Colorado Supreme Court. Who are these people? What is it in breadth and scope that they so fear will end that they’ll imprison and erase a candidate, and strip his millions of supporters of electoral power? Democracy?

To this, it’s the Trump Troops who say no. For what’s shaping up as a majority—possibly even an insurmountable majority if left-weighted swing-state polls can be believed—democracy isn’t threatened by Trump, but by those who would by any means necessary, constitutional or otherwise, preclude his ability to campaign for and regain office.

  • Inciting a riot at the US Capitol to disrupt counting of electoral votes? Just fine. Legal consequences for that? Outrageous.

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  • So... the Court stepping in on Bush v Gore was okay, and now it's "let the voters decide" doesn't bother you?

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  • So the Colorado State Supreme Court is removing Trump from the states Presidential primary ballot because he violated the insurrection clause in section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. The obvious problem with this ruling is that Trump has not been charged, indicted or convicted of insurrection. This Colorado State Supreme Court ruling ranks as one of the most ill conceived and sloppiest rulings in the history of State Supreme Courts. The U.S Supreme Court will undoubtedly overrule the Colorado State Supreme Court and throw out this lame ruling and I would not be surprised if it’s a 9-0 decision. As much as the 3 liberal Justices may not like Trump I don’t think they want to link themselves to this embarrassing stinker of a ruling and damage their legacies for eternity.

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