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Feb 01, 2010, 07:20AM

The view from Haiti

Doctors on the frontlines report back.

Surgically, things have gotten so much better in the last 24 hours. There are now two wooden floor tents with AC in which to operate-- so they are no longer using the dusty classrooms for surgery. (There is a short video of the new tent ORs on the Operation Smile site.) In addition, the off-site day-surgery site is up and running well, providing an additional OR. They were able to get a broken auto-clave from another group-- which was then fixed by the team bio-engineer, so now they have significantly increased their turn-around time for instrument sterilization. Since they were running out of sterile gowns and sponges, the team asked the new Ecuadorian team if they could have some of their supplies-- so now they have another 24 hours of surgical supplies to operate. Spence Reid spent the first full day at the off-site OR, but Jay and Shane Johnson did a flap at that site today. And the plan is for them to go back to the off-site OR together again tomorrow.


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