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Sep 05, 2008, 11:00AM

The New York Times arts coverage: sometimes not so kosher

Tyler Green has a good take on how the Times controls/manipulates cultural coverage. The long and short: Give the Times first rights to your story, or face the reality of it not showing up there.

Accordingly, the NYT has completely failed to report on the two major visual arts news stories of the summer: The University of Iowa regents' interest in assessing the University of Iowa Museum of Art's great Jackson Pollock Mural for possible flood recovery-related sale, and the Denver Art Museum's deaccessioning scandal, the most questionable art museum sale in half a decade (and the first time in the same period that the museum industry association has investigated same). Both stories have been extensively covered by major national news outlets such as Time and the Wall Street Journal, by regional media, and by industry press.


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