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Aug 06, 2009, 07:16AM

That just says it all

You know it's bad when the cops are wearing "Bodymore, Murderland" t-shirts.

 A squadron of marked and unmarked police cars sat two rows deep, blocking off Lombard Street at Fulton Street Tuesday afternoon.Halfway down the block, police have cordoned off a trash-strewn vacant lot. Detectives pick through knee-high weeds searching for clues in an amalgam of compost and garbage where just minutes earlier a suspected drug dealer suffered a severe beating.Standing on the sidewalk across the street from the crime scene, Derrick Hammond, 36, shakes his head.“Look at that,” he says, pointing to a plainclothes cop wearing the popular "BODYMORE MURDERLAND" T-shirt, replete with the chalk outline of a body. “That says it all.”


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