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Jan 07, 2009, 06:31AM

"Roland Burris is a f_cking potted plant"

The whole Blagojevich affair notwithstanding, Roland Burris, when he was Illinois' Attorney General, consciously allowed an innocent man to die.

His one test of office:

Burris was given the easiest out.  He had his top prosecutor, who knew the facts as well as anyone, tell him the truth and say that Cruz was innocent.  She gave give Roland Burris the out, and the media gave Burris the same.  He had truthful reports, and better political cover than you'll ever get in a lifetime. A dozen just outs. But Burris, polling, rathered the lie. He rathered Rolando Cruz die for something Rolando Cruz never did.  Rather that. 

Roland failed.  No leadership.  No truth.  No justice. Not even the govenership.  All lie.  All cowardice.  All ... Burris. This is your Senator?  And Blago picked him?  I am not surprised.



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