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Dec 11, 2008, 07:00AM

Policing your friends

The "Obama is not a natural citizen" smear needs to be squashed by Republicans.

On the money:

The Obama citizenship smear hasn't gained traction in mainstream conservative circles, but this is exactly the kind of stunt the left will use to tar all conservatives and silence legitimate criticism of Obama and his policies. We need to be vociferously calling out people who traffic in this nonsense.

Scandal stories didn't get much traction during the campaign, so if we are smart, I am hopeful we won't see a repeat of the '90s opposition to Clinton, which was primarily scandal driven, and tarnished the Republican brand so that only Bush's big-spending conservatism could save it. Which is got us in the pickle we are in today.

  • Ruffini's right on the money. I didn't vote for Obama, but he's the new president and deserves the respect from all Americans; after all, one would assume we're all on the same side. I hate this kind of, as Ruffini says, "crap" about Obama's citizenship. It obscures the issues, obscures debate, and makes these conservatives look like fools.

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