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May 01, 2008, 12:38PM

Media Won't Wright Their Wrong

The media may have fallen prey to a manipulative move by the Clinton campaign when they reignited a controversy based on Rev. Jeremiah Wright's latest round of self-serving bombast. This writer takes them to task for missing a serious opportunity to elevate political discourse.

"For a while, I was actually quite happy with Mr. Wright.

You see, I was naive enough to think Mr. Wright — regardless of how he did so — may have started a serious dialogue in mainstream America about an issue that isn’t always prevalent in the minds of mainstream Americans (by mainstream Americans, I mostly mean white people).

And when I watched Mr. Obama give that speech in response to Mr. Wright’s absurd claims, I was even more encouraged. Not only did Mr. Obama address the fears and concerns of minorities and the black community, he also addressed widespread resentment and anger among white communities. He seemed, for once, to get right the order of the horse and the cart by simply addressing the obvious.



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