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Sep 22, 2009, 09:35AM

Lessons in misreading

Patrick Michael has, for whatever reason, turned Eric Boehlert's comparisons between ring-wing extremism in 1963 (the year JFK was assassinated) and right-wing extremism now into an argument about JFK conspiracies and Oswald's political beliefs. 

Also, some history: Oswald was not a "communist wannabe," whatever that means. During a New Orleans radio program in August of 1963, Oswald very famously denounced the Soviet Union and said, "I am a Marxist, not a communist." He was never a member of the Communist Party.

Anywho, that's not the issue. Boehlert's original article here. Michael's response after the jump. You be the judge.

A new theory claims Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t responsible for the assassination of JFK. Neither was LBJ nor Cuba nor the unions nor the Mob. No, it was caused by “right wing hatred running wild.”

  • Interesting, if goofy and to my mind mind irrelevant, differing views. Violence in America is a constant: from (particularly) the South in the early 60s to the nut who tried to kill George Wallace in 1972, and then two people trying to kill, of all people, Jerry Ford. I think Oswald flitted around with politics, and probably wasn't too bright, but in that same Vanity Fair article, William Manchester was said to believe that LHO was pissed because his wife swooned over JFK.

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