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Apr 20, 2009, 06:37AM

Kiss the Good Ol' Days of Freakish Animal-Human Hybrids Goodbye

Aww, schucks! Now how am I going to pass the weekends?

Sen. Danny Martiny, R-Kenner, has filed Senate Bill 115 on behalf of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops.Conference lobbyist Danny Loar said the bill is designed to be a "pre-emptive strike" against scientists who might want to mix "human and animal cells in a Petri dish for scientific research purposes. . . . It is becoming more of an issue globally."Martiny and Loar said they are unaware of any attempts to do that type of research in Louisiana.Loar said the British Parliament recently approved legislation allowing scientists to mix human cells with those of cows and pigs for possible stem cell research or other scientific experiments. He said the bishops feel the use of human cells in such experiments is unethical."The archbishop asked me to file it, " Martiny said of a recent conversation he had with New Orleans Archbishop Alfred Hughes.Megan Dorsch, a spokeswoman for the National Conference of State Legislatures, a clearinghouse of data for state lawmakers, said she is unaware of any other state taking up the issue this year or in the recent past. "No one has heard of legislation similar to Louisiana's (proposal) in other states, " she said by e-mail from the organization's Denver office.Martiny and Loar said they were not aware of any other state passing a law against human-animal hybrids. "We may be the first, " Loar said.


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