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Apr 16, 2024, 06:29AM

Kathleen Parker Has Balls

Shocker: The Washington Post writer defends me.

Kathleen Parker has shattered the cone of silence in the leftist media.

In a recent column in The Washington Post, Parker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, assessed the fact that my book has been ignored by the media. That book, The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi, is an in-depth personal look into the 2018 Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. I was a central figure in that drama, and my 2022 book was a way to present my research—research that revealed extortion, witnessed tampering and other mistakes and crimes used to try and sink Kavanaugh—and then move on.

The Devil’s Triangle was ignored by the media. Readers might recall that the Kavanaugh nomination was almost blown up when a woman named Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when they were in high school. Ford also claimed that I was in the room when the assault took place and that I’d witnessed it.

I’ve written a lot about this topic over the last five years, and have said multiple times that it’s time to move on. Still, it’s incredible how the media simply will not review or even mention The Devil’s Triangle. Recently Christine Blasey Ford came out with her own book, One Way Back, which was reviewed in The Washington Post and The New York Times. In her Times review, Alexandra Jacobs said that reading Ford’s book made her “long for more about Mark Judge.”

I wrote a book, Alexandra; review it. Furthermore, not a single fact I reveal has been contradicted by Ford or her “team.” Not the opposition research done on me the entire summer of 2018, not the way Ford’s letter making the charge referred to me as “Mark G. Judge,” an old journalism byline that indicates it was found through research rather than organically, not her changing dates of when it all allegedly happened. Not her ridiculous fear of flying claims.

In One Way Back I’m only quoted via official government documents. As my lawyer put it, “If they went outside those boundaries with you you’d wind up owning St. Martin’s Press.”

What the media didn’t expect was for Kathleen Parker to raise her voice. Parker dropped a bomb on the op-ed page. Her piece hit over 6000 comments—and still her colleagues in the press are too chickenshit to mention my name. The title: “Christine Blasey Ford is no hero, at least not in the legal sense.” Parker is unsparing: “Christine Blasey Ford is promoting her new memoir to acclaim from certain quarters,” she writes, “including a glowing review by the New York Times. Meanwhile, the man she accused of being a witness to her alleged sexual assault by now-Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh more than 40 years ago can’t get his own book reviewed or even mentioned by mainstream newspapers.”

Parker reminds readers that, “As with Kavanaugh, Ford’s accusation against Judge was embraced by most of the news media despite an absence of evidence or corroborating testimony. No one who was supposed to have been at the party where Ford was allegedly assaulted remembered it, or her.”

With an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News I had now, however, “emerged from his bunker with both barrels blazing. One can stand only so much smearing… Like Kavanaugh, Judge was presumed guilty—a tragic by-product of the ‘believe the woman’ orthodoxy that emerged during the #MeToo movement—and justly wants to have his say.”

For years, however, the media has ignored me. I was a victim of extortion, witnesses tampering, and a process that was right out of the East German communist Stasi—thus the title of my book. Christine Blasey Ford gave away multiple tells that this was a hit. which I describe. As Kathleen Parker concludes: “It takes guts to try to breach the #MeToo iron curtain, as Judge is attempting to do. It takes no courage at all to enrich yourself at other people’s expense, as Ford has done… Ford has damaged so many people, not to mention the judicial system she says she has sought to protect.”

What does Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple think about this? How about Brian Stelter? Or Jay Rosen and the other academic chin-tuggers who get paid to assess the media? Do they have an opinion on why someone so central to one of the biggest political dramas in 20 years can’t get his book reviewed?

They don’t, because they’re eunuchs. During the Stasi nightmare of 2018, Vanity Fair claimed that Georgetown Prep, the high school Brett Kavanaugh and I attended, practiced omertà when it came to our wild 1980s behavior. Omertà is an Italian word meaning the code of silence practiced in the Mafia. In fact, Omertà is what the mainstream media has adopted regarding my book. Although I think the more appropriate word is one that sounds similar. Cowardice.


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