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Jan 12, 2009, 08:00AM

Just think

What if Pajamas Media, the geniuses who hired that plumber to report from Gaza, took over The New York Times? (Hint: think Elian Gonzales, Chuck Norris and Rush Limbaugh)

Too soon?:

Pajamas Media recently announced that it is sending Joe the Plumber to the Middle East as a war correspondent. What if the stunt proves so successful that the company one day reaches as many people as the dreaded MSM -- or even takes over the struggling Gray Lady?!

11) New Havana bureau chief: Elian Gonzalez.

10) Chuck Norris takes over not only Frank Rich's double-length Sunday column, but also his former gig as Broadway critic. (He's partial to plays with "a lot of physicality.")

9) Editorial board replaced by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

8) Russia coverage, currently informed by Executive Editor Bill Keller's stint as Moscow correspondent, instead colored by Sarah Palin's view from Alaska.

7) The Power Line guys paid hefty consulting fees in re: driving The Washington Post into bankruptcy.

6) Columbia and Brazil reporters yanked from covering Latin American free trade negotiations, replaced by Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Campeon.

5) The Ethicist replaced by The Classical Ethicist (Victor Davis Hanson).

4) Wine column in food section penned by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

3) Two things would improve: Eugene Volokh edging out Linda Greenhouse...

2) ...And pithy new headline writer Instapundit! Heh.

1) Alas, it’s Rush Limbaugh for Editor in Chief.


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