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Oct 24, 2008, 06:35AM

EXCLUSIVE: Obama's Radical Socialist Ties Revealed

The meeting minutes of an October 1997 gathering of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge reveal some ugly truths about the senator who wants to "spread the wealth around."

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Chicago Annenberg Challenge


Minutes of the meeting October 14, 1997

Board Members Present:
Obama, Barack - Chair
Engels, Friedrich - Chief Financier
Ayers, William - Secretary
Xiaoping Deng - Member
Teach, Edward – Member
Gein, Ed – Member
Bathory, Elisabeth – Member
Cheney, Dick – Member

Board Members Absent:
Sefer, Lou, Honorary Member

Quorum Present? Yes

- Meeting called to order at 8 p.m. with invocation of the blessings of Allah by Chair.    

Update by Chair
- Chair informs Board that everything is unfolding according to his dark designs.
- Chair further informs Board that while once They laughed at him, he will in fact be the one who is laughing at the end.
- Chair engages in sustained bout of break-dancing.

Finance Committee Report
- Chief Financier explains that as the purpose of capital is to deprive laborers of the full manifestations of their freedom, he has unilaterally decided to abolish Board’s financial resources.
- Member Cheney asks if this statement is meant to indicate Chief Financier and Chair have once again spent contents of treasury on blow.
- Chief Financier refuses to respond to Member Cheney’s allegations.
- Member Cheney asks minutes to reflect Chief Financier is sniffling suspiciously, and Chair has left to visit the bathroom seven times since meeting began.
- So reflected.

Ongoing Projects Report
- Secretary informs Board he has made limited progress on writing Chair’s autobiography as Secretary has been busy teaching kindergartners to put condoms on bananas. Furthermore, Secretary asks why Chair is unable to complete own autobiography.
- Chair explains that Chair is too busy being crypto-Muslim to complete autobiography. Also, Chair reminds Board that he is a functional illiterate.
- Secretary agrees to have completed that period of Chair’s autobiography covering up Chair’s childhood learning to make shoe bombs in an Indonesian Madrasah by next meeting.
- Secretary and Chair engage in prolonged, open mouth kiss.

New Business

- Member Gein asks Board to reconsider previously tabled MOTION that Board find and dismember vagrant.
- Chair reminds Member Gein that Board can do more evil working behind the scenes than by arbitrarily executing drifters.
- Member Gein expresses annoyance, explains he only became involved with Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the hopes of killing tramps.
- Chief Financier reminds board of long standing ties of friendship, based upon intense and all consuming hatred of America, and its people/ideals.
- Member Gein ask that minutes reflect his apology for calling into question the malevolence of board.
- Chair MOTIONS that Board spit on bust of George Washington.
- MOTION seconded and passed.
- MOTION enacted.

Assessment of the Meeting:
- Chair notes that Chicago Annenberg Foundation will soon have America ‘right where we want them.’
- Member Teach MOTIONS that Board engage in sustained ominous laughter.
- MOTION seconded and passed.
- MOTION enacted.


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