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Sep 09, 2008, 06:26AM

Don't Tread On Me (Because of Her)

Yup, you guessed right: We're talking about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. This columnist bemoans the attention thrust upon Alaska via Palin and her Creationist-wolf-killing-book-banning tendencies.

- Because Alaskans are clearly too stupid to learn about issues themselves, she approved $400,000 to educate us about wolf-killing programs in 2007.

- She supports censorship of books, saying she "could live with the censorship of library books." She claims it was a "rhetorical exercise." Watch out, librarians! Stay on your toes, because your town's mayor may be next to exercise you!

- Her international relations experience is extensive, because that big threat of Russia's Diomede Island is definitely something to lose sleep over. Also, don't forget those wild, unpredictable Canadians to the east. They might do something crazy, like ban importing of maple syrup and then what will we do?


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