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May 11, 2009, 10:04AM

...And Your Enemies Closer

The ACLU -- defending even the staunchest of ACLU critics.

When Sen. Greg Brophy joked that he wanted to get a vanity plate for his car that says ACLUSUX, the Wray Republican got a letter from the head of Colorado's American Civil Liberties Union."If you apply for that license and are refused, please contact the ACLU because we stand ready to represent you if you want to pursue your right to have that license plate," director Cathryn Hazouri wrote."After all, censorship is censorship and the ACLU doesn’t draw any distinction between speech with which we agree and speech we may not like. That would be content discrimination and would violate one of our major principles of protecting free speech."Brophy was pretty amused by the letter.He had joked about wanting the license plate after the civil-rights group asked the Colorado Department of Revenue for records of those who applied for vanity plates but were rejected because what they wanted on their plate was considered "offensive to the general public," or "offensive to good taste and decency."


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