May 26, 2009, 10:02AM

You've Gotta Start Young

Pitchfork by 20.

Field Middle School student Max Timander, 12, has taken blogging's egalitarian spirit to a new height, despite his lack thereof. He runs areyourockin.com, a reviewer-centric rock blog covering a smart mix of hot albums (the new Green Day "is so addicting," he says) and "retro" discs -- by early-'00s acts such as the White Stripes and David Gray.The real attention-grabber on Max's site, though, is its heavy coverage of Twin Cities music. Never mind that its operator is usually too young to see these bands in clubs.
What he lacks in all-access and perfect grammar, Max makes up for in enthusiasm and ambition."My goal is it to make my blog as famous as Pitchfork by the time I'm 20," he said, referring to the big kahuna of rock blogs, Pitchforkmedia.The mop-topped, 5-foot-3-inch blogger started his site last year after seeing copies of a music fanzine that his dad co-helmed in the late-'80s called the Wrap Sheet."We spent a lot of late nights at Kinko's putting it together," remembered Kerry Timander, 44, sounding like the old man telling his kid he walked uphill to school in 10 feet of snow.Pointing to the computer outside Max's bedroom, Kerry added, "Now, everything he needs is right here."


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