Feb 02, 2009, 07:33AM

The High Art of R. Kelly

In which "Trapped in the Closet" rises to un-heard of heights.


In addition to sexual ties, there are basically two other types of network ties in “Trapped in the Closet.” Of course, there are people who merely know each other or talk to each other, which you can consider a sort of default tie. However there are a lot of threats of violence (and to a lesser extent, actual violence) in “Closet.” My guesstimate is that about a third of the conversations occur at gunpoint. You can then define a tie as 1 “talk/know,” 2 “sex,” 3 “violence,” and 4 “sex and violence.” This resulting graph demonstrates that the peripheral characters not only are introduced later and have fewer ties, but they tend to have weaker ties, consisting only of talk. A look at the core structure shows that the main characters tend to all have (diseased) sex with and/or threaten one another so if you have to live in “Closet” you’re probably better off living at the periphery. [again, right-click and “view image” to see the whole thing].


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