Jan 24, 2009, 02:04PM

Splice Original: Payola Reserve and Longwave

Live videos of both bands. Filmed at the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD. Jan. 23, 2009. Colourmusic also played.

Longwave.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Baltimore's own Payola Reserve play some classic sounding rock with a little southern blues/R&B influence. First time I've seen them playing with backing horns. Their album 200 Years has more of a later Beatles influence.

Payola Reserve from Zach Kaufmann on Vimeo.

Payola Reserve from Zach Kaufmann on Vimeo.


Longwave plays some Death Cab for Cutie-sounding indie rock, with heavier guitar thrashing. Frontman Steve Schiltz also sounds about ten times less annoying than Ben Gibbard.

Longwave from Zach Kaufmann on Vimeo.


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