Apr 08, 2009, 12:30PM

So that's what happens if you cry wolf

You make some damn fine alt-pop.

The following audio was included in this article:
The following audio was included in this article:

On his debut EP, If You Cry Wolf, Danny Greenwald creates some gorgeous synth heavy pop music, reminiscent of early-'90s Himalayans style alt-rock and the experimentation of the Magnetic Fields. If You Cry Wolf is predominantly a solo affair, but Greenwald gets some help from Philly-based musician Dan Soloway on a few of the tracks. The album is drifting and mid-tempo, cranked with reverb and distorted guitar riffs, carried along by Greenwald's inspired lyrics and vocals.

For the last two songs, the EP takes a more roots-rock turn, with acoustic guitar and harmonica. "It's Really Hot" is maybe the standout song on the album. And "Loss," the final song, is especially moving - with its soft strummed guitars and Soloway's help. Greenwald first grabbed our attention with his version of "I Know You Rider" on Splice's The Old Lonesome Sound folk compilation. This standout debut just continues to show that Greenwald is a man to watch out for on the indie scene.

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"It's Really Hot"

"I Kept You There"


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