Oct 25, 2010, 09:26AM

Like a G666

Far East Movement's hit single "Like a G6" vs. a recent review of the Gulfstream G650, performed by Sir James Dyson, inventor, and Ozzy Osbourne, occultist.

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Ozzy Osbourne: The high-speed lift-to-drag ratio is dead on.

Sir James Dyson: Now, give me two more bottles.

Osbourne: In addition, the cabin air distribution system has been upgraded to reduce air noise.

Dyson: It’s that 808 bump. Ladies love my style, at my table gettin’ wild.

Osbourne: The G650 also will have low- and high-speed envelope protection, plus an automatic trim function to compensate for pitching moments caused by air brake and wing flap extension and retraction.

Dyson: Drink it up! Acting like they drunk.

Osbourne: The FAA won’t get on the airplane to begin type inspection authorization until all these systems have passed qualification tests.

Dyson: So? Fly.

Osbourne: A first for a business aircraft. Over-wing emergency exits?

Dyson: In my crib. When sober girls around me.

Osbourne: Major culture change. Each of these systems must demonstrate immunity.

Dyson: Make it fizz. Let me see you fly.

Osbourne: Net $13 billion order book. This airplane is doing great.

Dyson: Now now, now.

Osbourne: As of mid-September, the newest Gulfstream appeared to be on target to fly eight passengers at Mach 0.85 from New York to Nanjing, Delhi to Detroit or St. Petersburg to São Paulo, should the need arise.

Dyson: This is how we live, every. single. night.

Osbourne: But it also has a third set of electrically controlled and powered backup flight control actuators.

Dyson: Girl, I keep it gangsta.

Osbourne: Unlike the G550, the G650 may be weight/altitude/temperature limited when departing our hot-and-high airport, and thus perhaps unable to fly its maximum 7000-nm range under those conditions.

Dyson: Poppin’ bottles in the ice like a blizzard. When we drink, we do it right: gettin’ sizzard.

Osbourne: If any system fails a test, we have to go back, redesign hardware or software and retest.

Dyson: You can’t touch this. Like a G6.

Osbourne: But I don’t want to say anything that might jinx something.


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