Oct 29, 2010, 08:10AM

"Just Drink the Waterboarding"

Kings of Leon's "Radioactive" vs. Ramon Navarro's "description of WWII-era waterboarding."

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Ramon Navarro: When I was not able to endure his punishment which I received, I told a lie.

Caleb Followill: You’re the rose.

Navarro: He repeated that four or five times.

Followill: Just drink the water, it’s where you came from. And start rising.

Navarro: And then I vomited the water from my stomach, and the consciousness came back again for me.

Followill: I hope you see me there.

Navarro: No, I could not, and so I, for a time, lost consciousness.

Followill: It’s in the water.

Navarro: I was ordered to lay on a bench and Yuki tied my feet, hands and neck to that bench, lying with my face upward.

Followill: It’s gonna shape them.

Navarro: No sir.

Followill: It’s in the story.

Navarro: Some cloth on my face.

Followill: When the road is carved, up yonder.

Navarro: From my mouth and all openings of my face. Drowning. You could hardly breathe.

Followill: And they cry to see your face.

Navarro: I could not really show anything to Yuki, because I was really lying just to stop the torture. When Yuki could not get anything out of me, he wanted the interpreter to place me down below.

Followill: Never sold yourself away.

Navarro: Like drowning in the water. On my face continuously. We were lying that way. Not so painful.


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