May 06, 2008, 11:42AM

Hai Fidelity

Japanese anime-pop band Asian Kung-Fu Generation released their newest record World World World in March. This reviewer finds them mellowing out, at least as much as a J-pop punk band can conceivably mellow.

"World World World starts off with the song of the same name. Generally, AFG albums start off with a rocking song. This time around, we are given a mellow instrumental. With “woah” being the only vocals on the song, all of instruments mix together to give you a sort of ‘wave on the ocean’ feel. It's a nice change from the usual AFG song.

The seventh opening theme for the Bleach anime series, “After Dark,” pops up next. Luckily, the band has included an English lyric sheet with the album. Instead of getting lost in the circular sounds of the bridges, you can understand the dark meaning behind the lyrics despite the happy dream-like sounds. This is definitely a perfect opening song for Bleach.

Nowadays, many people spend a lot of their time chatting and making friends on the internet instead of going out to interact with people face-to-face. “Tabidatsu Kimi e” (“To You, The Departing”) could be considered the theme song for those types of people. The song begins with an upbeat tone before it turns into a confusing mish-mash between the two guitars and the drums then going back to the upbeat sound. However, the lyrics tell the story of a person who, thinking that there is nothing good in the outside world, turns to the virtual world inside their computer for comfort. The upbeat parts coincide with the feelings of despair while the semi-confusing parts match up with the descriptions of being lost in a virtual world. Despite having a fairly sad story, the song does end happily with the person going out into the world to see what awaits them there.


Watch Asian Kung-Fu Generation perform "Haruka Kanata"


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