Apr 22, 2008, 07:25AM

Getting Your Verve Back

Erstwhile British rockers reformed last year, and their hiatus did nothing to diminish their ego. A new album, slated for August, will be The Verve's first in 11 years, and according to this interview with the bassist, "We're better than we ever were."

"Now, as the newly reformed band prepares to tour and release their first album since 1997, bassist Simon Jones made it clear that the Verve want more than to be the greatest band on Earth: They want their place in the upper echelons of musical greatness "with the Who, the Kinks, the Beatles."

"A classic British band-that's all we've ever wanted to be really," said Jones. Arguably, they already are one. Their last album, Urban Hymns, all but solidified their status as one of the decade's greatest bands after "Bitter Sweet Symphony" shot all the way to number two on the UK singles charts. However, despite the Verve's prior success, Jones believes this record will be their legacy as a band.



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