May 20, 2010, 06:31AM

Beyonce - "Why Don't You Love Me"

One word: Fierce.

Beyonce has done it again, ladies! All of us who feel this way about our love but cannot or will not go there, Beyonce went there, honey, yes she did! The video temporarily takes on the loaded task for us of expressing this issue that in my opinion, regardless of your current relationship status, every woman at some point could relate to.

Glamour, sex appeal, stilettos and running mascara: we are entertained by her strong and humorous, yet emotionally gripping performance. In the video directed by Melina Matsoukas (director for Lady GaGa's “Just Dance”), written by B and her talented sister Solange, Beyonce portrays a beautiful homemaker that takes great strains to keep harmony in the household while remaining flawless and sexy all at the same time. The video hosts a 1940s theme—a decade that limited the woman as primarily the homemaker (or stay-at-home wife) of the household.

The video opens with a skit intro as BB Homemaker tries to repair an overheated vehicle, while wearing short shorts, stilettos and red lipstick. “There's nothin' not to love about me...", is the line proceeding after she is shown in a sexy maids dress dusting the living room and fireplace mantel that holds her 16 Grammy awards.

The song and video point out the daunting role women can have in this society as we often go to great lengths to remain flawlessly beautiful and desirable, financially independent, and submit to gender stereotypes of women as the general keeper-upper of the household (to please our men) while getting little or no reciprocity. Throughout the video, a hurt and distraught BB Homemaker lists her qualities and desirable traits one by one while holding a dry martini in one hand, a cigarette in another and wearing a negligee and heels, pinned hair curlers and tears ruining her eye makeup, trying to figure out why her lover doesn't return her affections.

The video has a humorous edge to it, but the message is valid. Her look is dramatic and sexy yet soft and feminine—portraying what seems like a perfect woman. Sure, it's a vulnerable message, but she looks fabulous! You better believe there are a few choice individuals out there to whom this video serves as a personal dedication.



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