Moving Pictures
Nov 11, 2008, 09:02AM

The Call of the Midwest

Canadians are striking TV gold—not on the big cities of the coasts, but in the great flatline of midwest.

TV could use a little more geographical diversity:

Whatever it is, prairie humour is big these days with Canadian TV flush with sitcoms set in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Leading the pack are comic favourites Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie, but this year those established programs are joined by Winnipeg-based shows Less than Kind, on Citytv, and House Party, on the Comedy Network.

"We've got a renaissance of the prairies," boasts Little Mosque star Zaib Shaikh, who plays imam Amaar on the quirky CBC series.

"We've got shows that are really centred on the centre of the country in a way, which is fascinating."

"I think maybe Winnipeg is on the elevator going up," says Less than Kind writer/creator Marvin Kaye, who grew up in Winnipeg but is not above poking fun at its reputation for cold, mosquitoes and isolation.


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