Sep 12, 2014, 09:38AM

Twelve More Things the Internet Told Me

All quotes unchanged, including punctuation and capitalization.

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  • “I wish I knew them, because I would choke them out with a ball gag made from teletype tape and then beat them to death with a flail made of old floppy drives.”

  • “This double face of America the doer and America the dreamer shimmers behind the basic premise of The Sopranos.”

  • “hello!,I love your writing very a lot!”

  • “She bridged the gap between Madonna and Miley, championing the un-sexy sex thing in the post 00s flat-abbed super-tan era of sexy sex thing pop stars had been doing once we fell out of touch with Madonna’s original vision for female sexuality.”

  • “The problem isn’t so simple as a man-versus-woman frame.”

  • “still some pretty good writing, jokes a man of knowledge can appreciate.”

  • “Vonnegut had such a fine grump-humanist sensibility, and such a surprising turn of phrase—now-goofy, now-eviscerating—that his collected letters were destined to bring forth bounty.”

  • “Demeaning and threatening behavior is a well-documented problem where fans in the weeds of their fantasy heroes mingle en masse.”

  • “Let’s see how this changed over the years, winding freckled girl and how she looks now, in these days.”

  • “People in states that were getting Koch bombed, knew about the Exchanges, knew they existed and could do something about that, while people in states where the Kochs weren’t trying to block access to affordable, subsidized private market health insurance (doesn’t that sound absurd when it is put that way), awareness was lower as they were never told to not think about the elephant.”

  • “Come on gray as fuck teaser armor shot!”



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