Aug 14, 2009, 09:24AM

Get your ham radio lovin' on

Checking in with The Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Field Day 2009  found us far afield in the state of  Washington,  with the very finest of FB crews, AKA the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club at Lake Wilderness Park.Such hospitality. We were quickly greeted and introduced to MVARC president  Scott Currie, NS7C, who graciously spent a few minutes in the maelstrom of set-up activities to explain the mission's operational scope and share a little club history on this perfectly sunny day. We continued to gab it up in the shade with other club members includingDavid KC7FSR, John N7SPN, Steve KE7OCU and Rick WB6AWO among others, taking snapshots and soaking up the swell Washingtonian (h)ambience.


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