Jul 15, 2008, 05:16AM

Expanding The Study Group To The Web

College students in San Diego have developed a website which allows undergraduates to post previously-used exams for public viewing and study purposes. The emergence of the site has formed supporters and critics on both sides in what's becoming yet another battle between the student body and the administration.

A Web site developed this year that allows students to share old exams online is causing debate among professors about its ethical implications.

PostYourTest.com is an educational tool that lets students anonymously upload materials and tests from their previous and current classes, said Demir Oral, creator of the site. However, there are teachers who do not want their tests to be posted for every student to see.

"I would not be happy if a student who had taken a class of mine had taken an exam and posted it online," Sarah Hall, graduate professor of psychology, said. "I know that some teachers reuse past exams and it would be hard to have to write a new test for every class."

However, Mary Bojan, professor of chemistry, said she wouldn't mind if students posted her tests online.

"For my classes I always write new exams every time, and I wouldn't object because I have some old exams up online that I've posted myself," Bojan said.

Currently, there are no tests online for Penn State University, because the site was developed on the West Coast, Oral said.

"Primarily the main audience is San Diego, but that's because I've only advertised around there," Oral said.

He said he is looking into expanding the site more to include universities and colleges across the country.


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