Jul 02, 2015, 10:14AM

12 Things That Will Kill You

Behold the glory of the Internet.

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—6 Things You Need to Know Before Seeing the Entourage Movie.

—10 Taylor Swift Songs That Are Actually About Women.

—3 Big Reasons Tomorrowland Is Actually Great.

Entourage Actors Reveal How Turtle & Drama Have Changed.

—John Stamos Weighs In on “Unauthorized” Full House TV Movie.

—John Stamos Reveals the Plot of Fuller House.

—21 Times Gigi Hadid Looked Incredibly Chic.

—Bob Saget Officially Joins Fuller House.

—All the Reasons It's Time for an Ugly Betty Movie.

—This Is What Ben Stiller's Teenage Punk Band Sounds Like.

Spider-Man Narrows Directors List Down to Five.

—2015, The Year of the Strap-on.


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