Feb 15, 2010, 07:41AM

Kevin Smith gets kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat

Now they feel the wrath. Hear him tell the story at Smodcast.

Southwest Airlines has issued an apology for kicking director Kevin Smith off a flight over the weekend because he was ‘too fat’ to fly. After being booted from the flight, Kevin Smith lashed out at the airline via his Twitter feed.

  • For all I know airlines has a policy wherein larger persons have to buy an extra seat if the cannot comfortable fit to a single chair and I see the point of the airlines that every passenger should have a first class and safe trip to their destinations. The airline, bleeding cash, removed Kevin Smith from a flight for being too fat that touched off a Twitter torrent of hostile words aimed at the airline. He rebuffed their efforts to apologize, cited that they're bleeding cash and is not amused, in the least. I think Southwest should consent to the "seat challenge" he proposed for an episode of the Daily Show, or at least get him a coupon for a free ride in first class.

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