Dec 10, 2008, 09:08AM

Adderall... it's all the rage

Perscriptions are up. And studies, though they vary widely, suggest that as much as 25% of college students take the drug.

Sure I've done it. What can I say? Sometimes Halo 3 just has to be played all night.

Jim, a UNR junior who uses Adderall to help him study, said he thinks students are more likely to take Adderall than they are to smoke marijuana.“People are more willing to do Adderall than anything else,” the 20-year-old business major said. “More people are doing Adderall than you think.”He said many students don’t consider Adderall a drug because it’s easily accessible through friends’ prescriptions at an average price of $3 per 15 milligram pill.


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