Jun 11, 2024, 06:24AM

Reality Ain’t What It Used to Be

I’ve been accused of escaping reality.

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Reality’s only relative to what’s happening right now. It’s also everything and absolutely nothing that happens in your lifetime or possibly the next. Every special occasion, every single-minded specific occurrence, and mundane days culminate into heaping years on end, no matter how important or insignificant it’s based on reality stuck in repetition. Yours, mine, and everybody else’s. Reality never had it to begin with. It’s an idea whose time has passed since the beginning of perceived mechanical time clocks. Punch in, punch out. On the clock or off.

I’ve been accused of escaping reality. In my life, there were many significant events and situations where I was told to face reality. But I always managed to escape it. Whether through alcohol or illicit mind-altering substances, I deranged my senses. I was criticized for running away from my problems. Reality’s overrated. My reality can never be yours, and vice versa. Maybe it’s time for a reality update. Refresh your browser's memory. There’s no time like now to make a mental note of what’s happening around us. You may not see it my way, but I can’t see it your way either. It could be the complete opposite of what you’re thinking about or what you’re looking at. Any way you see it, it is not through my eyes.

It’s a fact that two people can experience the same thing at the same time and place and witness the opposite of what the other person sees, hears, and believes. Two versions of the same story, or a million different stories of the same experience. Call it a shared history of mistakenly mixed memories. We believe what we hear and see in many versions of the same old story. Reflections in still water ripple when a pebble is dropped into the mirrored water, making ever-expanding outward concentric rings to create the illusion of infinite possibilities, much like the birth of a universe.

The mystery of life is that we’re living, but that's never been a good enough explanation for existence. Face the music in your invalid head. Reality never stops; it comes and goes, and we never had it to begin with. That’s a good take on it. I’m sure yours will be completely different. It takes a certain degree of imagination in an overactive mind to realize reality. Like pennies in a wishing well, prayers go unanswered.

A nagging illusion of the magical mind playing tricks on us. Your dreams aren’t what they seem. Life is hard; so much pain and suffering. So little time. A lot of uncertainty and sorrow hangs heavy over the heads of humans. Happiness depends on how and where you find it. Search the sock drawer where the dirty magazines are hidden.

Seeking useless endeavors in merely living life. Giving little in return for the money you never had, spent on a future that’s not worth the price. Surviving on the installment plan plus tax. Love is a beautiful fog that burns away with the sunrise. In reality, there’s always a bunch of nothing, but you gaze into the darkness, looking for something else that’s just around the corner. Groping in your pockets for a little spare change.

Time to pay the reality check with a generous gratuity. It’s free advice for the taking, but there’s still a heavy price to pay, including taxes and shipping. The cold truth is the currency of fiduciary funds, which are the compound cost of facts with increasingly high psychological interest damage rates and daily down payments doling out junk fees and overdrawn accounts. Reality’s filing for bankruptcy.

Where can we draw the line for your money’s worth. The fortune you lust after is gone. The hard currency of truth and the facts of fiduciary funds dwindle down to few bright moments when it seemed anything was possible. Don’t blow the money on a gamble, while getting drunk in a bar called the Bank of Onliness. Don’t save up your pennies for the rainy day when a rainbow appears in front of your nose. Wake up and go back to sleep. You’ve earned it. A brief nap from reality. It’s always too late or never early enough to accept the inevitable surcharges of a lifetime you never had to begin. Sign on the dotted lines, here and here, in the timelessness of forever and a day. Paid up in advance to all of yesterday’s tomorrow’s never to get a return on your investment.


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